The Beer and Cider List

26th June 2017


The Beer List

Lord Conrad’s Brewery - Dry Drayton

1. Horny Goat 4.8% abv
Strong English golden ale loaded with British hops and fresh green nettles
2. Lobster Licker 4.2% abv
A red ale with a hint of American Yakima state hops
3. Slap n Tickle 4.3% abv
Pale golden bitter with a bitter American bite
4. Spectrum 3.5% abv
A brown ale with the profile of a hoppy pale
5. Spiffing Wheeze 3.9% abv
A dry pale with a peppery bitterness and refreshing lemongrass
6. Tangerine Dream 3.8% abv
A hazy dry orange coloured ale with a bitter bite from Tangerine peal.

Mile Tree Brewery - Wisbech

7. Cherry Wheat Beer 5.1% abv
Naturally hazy wheat beer brewed with Munich wheat beer yeast and infused with black cherry extract.
8. Haddenham IPA 4.0% abv *
Pale gold IPA brewed exclusively with English East Kent Golding hops. Fruity malt flavour and a delicate floral hop aroma and bitterness.
9. Larksong 4.5% abv
Our award winning amber ale is brewed with American aroma hops that give tropical fruit flavours and zesty hop aromas.
10. Milk Oatmeal Stout 4.6% abv
Rich and moreish sweet malt flavours in this full-bodied black stout.
11. Ship of the Fens 3.8% abv
Classic dark & delicious mild ale with hints of caramelised sugars and complex dark fruit flavours.
12. Summer ESB 4.9% abv
Rich malt flavours abound in this Extra Special Bitter. Mid brown in colour and well balanced with English aroma hops.

Milton Brewery - Cambridge

13. Dionysus 3.6% abv
Straw coloured bitter, powerfully hoppy, with a fine citrus finish.
14. Justinian 3.9% abv *
Crisp pale bronze-coloured bitter. Attractive bitter orange flavours persist into a satisfying lasting finish.
15. Medusa 4.6% abv
Strong mild. Cocoa, vanilla and fruitcake aromas are backed by a satisfying yet subtle bitterness.
16. Minerva 4.6% abv
Golden ale. Brewed with US, NZ and British
hops for a powerful hop punch and satisfying bitterness.
17. Minotaur 3.3% abv
A rich dark mild with bags of character from the lavish use of chocolate malt.

Moonshine Brewery - Fulbourn

18. Cambridge Best Bitter 4.1% abv
Copper coloured, English best bitter; the malt and hop aromas carry through to the taste and the finish is rounded with a growing hop bitterness.
19. Cambridge Pale Ale 3.8% abv
Pale coloured ale: a well-balanced beer with a smooth malt profile that is complemented by a restrained hop flavour.
20. Harvest Moon Mild 3.9% abv
A distinctive dark mild; A well balanced beer, slightly sweet with plenty of character. Smooth fruit notes combining with coffee and chocolate flavours.
21. Heavenly Matter 4.1% abv
A crisp, clean, straw coloured light bodied beer. Citra hops are prominent throughout, with a huge hoppy citrus, tropical fruit aroma.
22. Sundowner 3.6% abv
Light amber session beer. Balanced malt flavours are crafted with rounded hop flavours from Cascade, Columbus, Mosaic and Summer hops for an easy drinking beer.

Oakhams - Peterborough

23. Bishops Farewell 4.6% abv
Strong premium bitter of structured quality dominated by elaborate fruity hop notes with a grainy background and dry finish.
24. Citra 4.2% abv
A light gold, refreshing beer with grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry bitter finish.
25. Endless Summer 3.4% abv
This light and refreshing summer beer begins with a fruity nose and taste before an endless wave of bitterness wipes you out.
26. Inferno 4.0% abv
This light igniting ale flickers complex fruit across your tongue leaving a dry fruity bitter finish smothering your thirst.
27. JHB 3.6% abv
The aroma is dominated by characteristic citrus notes. Hops and fruit on the nose are balanced by malt and a bitter base leading to a dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours

Saffron Brewery - Bishop's Stortford

28. Henham Honey 4.6% abv
Golden straw coloured ale with a delicate balance of bitterness. Malt spicy fruit and honey aromas.
29. Saffron Blonde 4.2% abv
Light golden ale. A delicate balance of citrus and malty flavours create a crisp, refreshing ale
30. Saffron Citra 3.8% abv
Light golden ale. Brewed with citra hops to create a grapefruit aroma with a crisp gooseberry finish
31. Saffron EPA 3.9% abv
Golden straw coloured pale ale. Floral aroma and hints of blackcurrant and spice
32. Saffron IPA 3.6% abv
Light golden copper ale. Smooth toffee and malt flavours with a hint of citrus spice
33. Saffron Porter 5.2% abv
Ruby porter with rich chocolate and coffee aromas. Ruby port and red grape juice create a soft fruit and spice finish
34. Tiddly Vicar 5.1% abv
Traditional English dark copper ale with smooth nutty flavour and a light spicy finish

Three Blind Mice - Little Downham

35. Black Bank Bitter 4.2% abv
Traditional English bitter. Does what it says on the cask.
36. Haddenham Rocket 3.7% abv *
Orange mango and passion fruit session ale. Hopped with Amarillo and centennial.
37. Lek 3.7% abv
Lemon grass & lime hefeweizen. Aromatic citrus with this easy going wheat beer. Unfined vegan friendly.
38. Lonely Snake Citra & Simcoe 3.5% abv
A special edition, Citra & Simcoe hopped version of one of our most popular pale ales.

Turpins - Cambridge

39. Golden Ale Dragon's Den 3.9% abv
Summery, seasonal beer brewed with rare Mosaic hops, very easy drinking, popular with beer festivals. Citrus and blueberry aroma, tropical fruit and pine flavours and a dry hoppy finish.
40. Light Blue Bitter 3.4% abv
Limited edition, session beer brewed with Bramling Cross hops. Light amber colour, earthy and woody aroma, bitter with flavour notes that are spicy, blackcurrant, loganberry and lemony citrus.
41. Pale Ale Meditation 4.3% abv
New, improved recipe. A beautiful pale ale that with its citrus aromas, low-medium hop and biscuit flavour is easy drinking and refreshing. So kick back, relax and meditate responsibly.


The Cider List

Lord Conrad’s Brewery - Dry Drayton

Pressed with Cambridgeshire apples and sweetened with apple juice and naturally flavoured with:

42. Cherry 6% abv
43. Elderflower 6% abv
44. Ginger 6% abv
45. Lime 6% abv
46. Raspberry 6% abv
47. Strawberry 6% abv

Pickled Pig - Stretham

48. Apples & Pears Perry 6% abv
A sweet perry (pear) made using three varieties of pear with a little Bramley juice for acidity. Fruity with a rich soft finish. Bronze medal winner already this year!
49. Old Spot 6.5% abv
Medium dry cider. Crisp, dry and refreshing. Usually preferred by seasoned cider drinkers.
50. Porker's Snout 6.5% abv
Medium sweet cider with a full and fruity taste. Our original and still a favourite.
51. Sweet Little Pig 6.5% abv
Sweet and fruity cider, slips down easily. A good 'beginners' cider...

Spinney Abbey - Wicken

52. Dirty Habit 4.0% abv *
NEW CIDER: A lesser strength tipple, sweet and easy on the taste buds.
53. Monk and Disorderly 5.6% abv
Clean and crisp, very easy drinking.
54. Nun Bee-Having Badly 5.6% abv
Sweet Cider, flavoured with honey to make it ultra-smooth and easy drinking.
55. Virgin on the Ridiculous 5.6% abv
A medium cider with a fruity taste.

Watergull Orchards - Wisbeach

56. Blackcurrant 6.2% abv
Apples and Blackcurrants. A hedgerow all in one glass, delicious. Adults Ribena!
57. Cox 6.3% abv
A single variety ‘Queen Cox’ cider giving a medium level of sweetness
58. Mango 5.9% abv
Full on Mango taste and just look at the colour
59. Oak Aged 6.2% abv
Matured in Whiskey barrels, giving a strong whisky flavour masked with a smokiness
60. Perry 4.5% abv
A 50:50 blend of Conference and Comice pear - Norwich beer festival Perry winner 2016


Pimms, Prosecco and soft drinks also available

* Specials for the Haddenham Beer Festival 2017

5th July 2019

Festival Friday

17:30 - 22:30

Ouse Valley Singles Club, a banger, fish'n'chips and a lovely pint

6th July 2019

Super Saturday

12:00 - 22:30

Family events throughout the day, and live music through the afternoon and into the night.

7th July 2019

Drinking up Sunday

12:00 - 18:00

Oh it's drinking up time


The Pavilion Recreation Ground Haddenham Cambridgeshire

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