Why dogs are not permitted at the Haddenham Beer Festival.

9th June 2023

First off, we should make it clear that we love dogs, most of the committee have at least one dog, many have more.

However, we would like to make it clear why dogs are not permitted at the Haddenham Beer Festival.

Firstly, not everyone likes dogs, and some people are fearful of dogs. The beer festival is a limited space, and it is not fair on people who do not like dogs to have our little friends in a confined space. Pretty much for every person we have had asking for dogs to come, we have had a message asking if they can not be allowed.

Secondly, all dogs are "really well behaved" and/or "no trouble" until they are not. The beer festival is a crowded field, with loud music, people "in drink", children's entertainment and not really a quiet and safe place for dogs not to get distracted; aside from the obvious points of going through the bins, stealing food, pooing on someone else's rug, weeing in a beer, drinking too much beer, humping your leg, tripping people over (and spilling their beer) or howling at the music, it would take one incident of a dog getting into a fight with another dog or worst of all biting someone and the committee would be liable, and we do not feel it should be upon us to take such a risk.

Lastly, dogs are not permitted on the recreation ground; there are signs around the field saying that they are allowed on the edges of the field on leads (or under control). The beer festival is not held on the permiter of the rec, so this reason still stands.

Obviously, the weather is going to be hot hot hot (fingers crossed!), there would not be enough beer to go round if we had to keep dogs cool and get the committee sozzled too!

So please do us a favour, and your best friends and leave the dogs at home.

The Haddenham Beer Festival Committee

28th June 2024


17:30 - Late

29th June 2024


12:00 - Late

30th June 2024


12:00 - 18:00


The Recreation Ground Haddenham Cambridgeshire

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